Sanctions handed out by Cricket Australia

Well here it is, what the whole cricketing world has been waiting for!
Straight from the email issued by the CEO of Australian Cricket James Sutherland.

An update from James Sutherland

Dear Australian Cricket Fans,

The Cricket Australia Board met this afternoon (Melbourne time) to consider the final report of the investigation into the incident in Cape Town, which was conducted by Cricket Australia’s Head of Integrity at my direction.

We understand the ongoing concern felt by you regarding this situation and I want to share the findings and sanctions with you directly.

Summary of Sanctions

The range of sanctions available to Cricket Australia under our Code of Conduct are extensive.

The Board has considered these and determined that the following sanctions will be offered to each player in accordance with the Code of Conduct process:


Suspension of 12 months from all international and domestic cricket

Suspension of 12 months from all international and domestic cricket

Cameron Bancroft
Suspension of 9 months from all international and domestic cricket

All three players will be permitted to play club cricket and will be encouraged to do so to maintain links with the cricket community.

All three players will be required to undertake 100 hours of voluntary service in community cricket. This will be a condition of future selection.


Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft will not be considered for team leadership positions until a minimum of 12 months after the conclusion of their suspension from international and domestic cricket. Any consideration of future leadership would be conditional on acceptance by fans and the public, form and authority among the playing group. David Warner will not be considered for team leadership positions in the future.

As our Chairman David Peever said tonight, the sanctions issued are significant penalties for professional players and the Board does not impose them lightly. I believe that they properly reflect a balance between the need to protect the integrity and reputation of the game and the need to maintain the possibility of redemption for the individuals involved, all of whom have learned difficult lessons through these events.

The key findings of the investigation, along with the sanctions summary (above) can be viewed here.

As custodians of our great game, we are confident that we have acted carefully and responsibly, taking into account the impact this incident has had on the Australian cricket community and the players.

As mentioned in my email to you this morning, Cricket Australia will also initiate an independent review into the conduct and culture of our Australian men’s teams as an important step in rebuilding and reestablishing your pride in Australian cricket. Further details will be announced shortly and we will keep you updated on the review as it progresses.

I would again like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for the feedback we have received from the Australian public. We recognise the damage this incident has done to the integrity and reputation of Australian cricket and we are committed to doing all we can to restore your faith in the men’s team and the game.

James Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer - Cricket Australia"

It would appear from this that the Cricket hierarchy have, quite rightly, taken this infringement very seriously.
Reading between the lines it would appear that Dave Warner's past history has come home to haunt him.  It would seem that he will never again represent Australia in a leading capacity.
I myself consider these sanctions to be fitting and these men have no one but themselves to blame for the situation they are in.

As a foot note I think the 'luckiest' man to escape any form of repremand was our coach Darren Lehmann.  If  he did not know what was going on, he bloody well should have ?

 I wait with bated breath to see what further sanctions are handed out.
Cheers for now

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