What's on my mind? Nice of you to ask:) I need to vent OK.
I'm angry and it is to do with sport .
The sport of  Cricket to be precise.
Our national Australian team is playing a Test series in South Africa against the SA national side.
OK so far, things have got heated between the players of both sides, on and off the field.
 Fair enough, as the saying goes 'all's fair in love and war!'
 However it has just been revealed that our (Australian ) captain and leadership group have coluded to cheat by tampering with the cricket ball being used in the match.
When called out by the umpires they tried to cover up the action?
 All picked up by the TV cameras and commentators !  The captain and vice captain have stood down from their positions in this Test Match.
To me cheating in any form is abhorant and to see it occuring at such a high level makes me sick to my stomach, and has damaged the reputation that many honest sports men and women, for many years, have worked hard to establish.

    Fair enough play it hard and furious but at least know that when it's over you can hold your head high and know that you have given it you best shot.

These national sportsmen (and now I use the term loosely) are role models to the youth of our nation and is it now alright for them to follow the example that has been set?
In my opinion 'no bloody way' and these cheaters should be dealt with in a manner that lets the followers know that cheating in any form is not accepable.

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