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Hello World,

It's Opa back to make another post. It has been a while since I posted because I have been busy doing other things.

I will fill you in as a go along but the one I am most excited about is HubPages.
My Hubpage name is Agvulpes, but if you wish to you can use your own name.
I guess it is what is called a social networking website, but I don't believe that is a true description.

When you join , which is completely free of course, it enables you to practice and publish your writing skills. I certainly need that, as you can see?

If you become good enough and publish enough you can make some money .

You make money by joining the Google adsense Program, Amazon Affiliate Program and eBay Programs.
To be honest I am not 100% familiar with the operation as yet but I have been able to make a little bit of money.
Anyway I've put what they call a Widget (cute name) on the side so why not click on one of my Hubs and go and have a look for yourself.
so until next time,

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