Victorian Bushfires and Wildfires

G'day World,

By now I'm sure you have all heard the horrific news of the Wildfires that have been ravaging the state of Victoria over the last week.
If you haven't you can catch up on my "Today- We had a visit from Hell" on HubPages.
I'm not here to talk about the actual bushfires but the way the media handle these incidents!

When I watched the news broadcasts that came out of the fires I was disgusted by the intrusive and insensitive way that the victims were treated.

The main culprits appeared to be the commercial TV stations that always seem desperate to bleed the very last ounce of pathos from other peoples misfortune.
How would these cameramen and reporters feel if they were confronted as they confront these poor unfortunate people.
I must qualify this and say that the ABC coverage is not included in this Rant. I am now listening and watching their coverage on Radio and TV and have found their reporting to be community minded.

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