Australian Budget 2009

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The Australian Treasurer Mr Wayne Swan last night brought down his second Budget and from all reports it is not as bad as rumors said it would be.
Although it will finish up leaving Australia with a huge debt,the spending announced has been welcomed by most fair minded pundits.
Especially pleasing to see was the promise that was made last year to look after the Pensioners was kept.
Single Pensioners will receive $30.00 per week, and couples will receive $10.00 per week.

To help pay for this the age of qualifying for the pension has been increased to 67 years old to be phased in over a number of years, and the means test has been tightened for new applicants.

Further reports as they come to the fore.
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JamaGenie said...

Sounds like Australian elderly will have to work longer before they can retire, just like in the U.S.

Nice blog you have here, ag!

opa said...

JamaGenie, unfortunately yes but not the people who have already retired.
Can you let me know what the age for retirement is in the U.S..
Does America have a government funded Aged Pension ?
Thank you for your kind comment.

Frieda Babbley said...

tag, you're it. Check out my blog.