Melbourne Storm update

G'day to all,
Today the Melbourne Storm NRL team trained at their home ground and were greeted by thousands of fans in support of the players.
The coach in a prepared speech told the throng that the players and himself where there for the long haul and would do their best for the rest of the year. Regardless of whether they are playing for premiership points or not!
Earlier in the week many people including the Premier of Victoria , John Brumby, have said that the penalties were much too harsh.
It makes you wonder if any other club beside Melbourne Storm had rorted the system would they have received the same penalty.
It has also been stated many times that Melbourne Storm are not the only club doing this and the practice is rife among all football codes.
Personally I would not know but I do know that in the past blind eyes were turned to the practice.
In my humble opinion the penalty is hurting innocent players so why are they being penalised?

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locke said...

Just thought I'd let you know I dropped by. I like your writing style, and enjoy seeing your thoughts. Not really a sports fan, but I agree... it's all about the dollar anymore. I'd rather watch a bunch of neighborhood kids playing in an empty lot.
Take Care,