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G'day everyone.
I'm a bit upset today! Want to know why? Well even if you don't here goes anyway :-)
As you can tell I put advertising on my blog to try and earn a bit of spare cash. An old guy like me has to get a few cents where he can OK!
Having said that I am very selective on which Advertisements I put on my Blog. I hope that the ads make good reading for the people who visit me here at GreyPower Times.
Ok now to cut to the chase: I have had a comment from a youngster called Ben and he has thrown down the challenge that an Advertiser on GreyPowerTimes is a 'scammer' and to quote Ben
"These people are scammers, theifs and will steal from you. They do not provide promised services and do not give refunds".

Well I feel that it is very easy to make these types of accusations without offering any proof and although I have had no personal dealing with this particular company I have not uncovered any evidence that what Ben is saying about iMegaHost can be substantiated!
This is where you guys come in, has anyone had dealing with iMegaHost and if so would they like to comment here and let us all know what they think about the company.
Till the next time

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