Australian Election 7th September 2013

OK Australia after, what seems like an eternity, we have finally been given an opportunity to vote ourselves a Government that can actually govern !
 Australia goes to the Polls on the 7th September 2013 !
  For way too long this country has been under the control of a  minority Government (Labor) which has had to pander to the demands of the very minor parties and Independent Politicians.
  Then we had the farcical Leadership woes of the Labor Party to contend with.
  First Kevin Rudd was ousted ( read stabbed in the back ) by Julia Gillard.
 Then after winning ??? an election Ms Gillard was herself ousted ( read stabbed in the back ) by the same man she stabbe... oops sorry ousted to once again become the Leader of the Ruling Labor Party.
   Not to mention the Pink Batts Insulation Scandal?

I have heard many times that History has a habit of repeating itself?

Please, Please speaking as one who has seen many elections in my 70 odd years I can say that there are not many Labor Prime Ministers who can say that they have left the country in a better state than when they came into office.

Now that I have bagged Labor I have to offer an alternative Prime Minister.
 Now that is the catch, the man that I think would make the best PM is not even in the contest for the job so I have to give up and name the next most viable choice.
  The only other viable choice is and I say this most reluctantly is Tony Abbott !

In his favor Tony Abbott has been the Leader of the Liberal Party for some time now and from the outside looking in he appears to be running a tight ship and all the squabbles are being handled in House so to speak ( there are always squabbles when you have men with big egos all wanting to get their own way).
  If the Liberal/National Party are elected they will be handed an estimated 30 billion Dollar deficit to overcome.  Just a reminder that to win the last election Labor 'promised' that there would be a surplus by 2013 then 'adjusted' that to a small deficit early this year and now the estimate is 30 billion dollars, god knows what the real figure will be when the dust settles after the election.

So Australia do the right thing and elect a Government we deserve.
Cheers for now and lets see what happens on Saturday.
On a more important note my football team Richmond (Tigers) are in the finals for the first time this Century.  Go Tigers :)


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