My very first post in nearly 70 years

Hello World,
Well .......? as he sucks in a deep breath. I've finally plucked up enough courage to get blogging.
First of all I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the encouragement that I have received from my friend and mentor Ern without whose help this blog, good of bad, would not have seen the light of day. So thanks Ern for dragging me into the twenty first century.

I've always believed that I belonged to the "Baby Boomer generation ", but reading a newspaper the other day,

(this does not happen very often these days) I discovered that I and my contempories belong

to the "Silent Generation"

Now I'm going to drag a few of my contemporaries along with me and between us all we might just find out how wonderful it really is to be alive in this day and age.

As you might have gathered from the name of my blog I'm getting on a bit, I would invite anyone who has even a suggestion of grey in their hair to leave a comment or even just say hello.
So as the old saying goes "use it or lose it".

G'day till the next time,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it is a great achievement to get online at any age, and thank you for your help with editing my web page.

You sure learn quick!

Anonymous said...
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