Not Silent!...... Invisible?

Hello World,

As I was saying, I belong to the "Silent generation".(see last post)
Something happened the other day that made me get to thinking (yes again Virginia).
Perhaps it should be called the "Invisible Generation"
It goes something along these lines:-
Opa and she who must be obeyed decide that we need a new air conditioner so me, being the savant that I am decide to do some home work.
On arriving at a branch of the largest retail store in the country (their claim not mine, Jerry tells us often enough in the media) I start looking at the various models of air cons.
With not a lot of customers in the store, I could only see one other person that looked like a customer, You and I might expect that I would have been swamped by sales ? people trying to get that elusive sales bonus. WRONG..........
After about 10 minutes of browsing (felt like 30) a few more customers had arrived, most younger and all definitely prettier than me and as the Ad goes on TV... Zoom Zoom Zoom. Sales people emerge as if out of the woodwork .
Not to serve me, no, no, no but walking straight past me started serving everyone else.
After this happened I would say at least 4 times I realized that I had accomplished what all magicians have been trying to do forever and had at last made myself invisible.
On my way out of the door I stopped at one of the sales persons desk and told him that I would not be buying anything from his store .
We then went to a smaller chain store and proceeded to spend quite a few dollars on
an air con and various other products, recieving exellent service from the number of staff members we had to deal with, nothing was too much trouble.
So what do you think, Silent or Invisible

Go figure

till the next time


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Anonymous said...

Give them heaps Opa!
I have had the same type of experience in some larger shops.
Maybe salespeople are scared of questions from older people because the grey hair means experience and a lack of gullibility to start with, and we are a lot less likely to impulse buy as well.