I'm disgusted with the paparazzi

G'day World,
Sorry but I'm going to get on my high horse again.
I sat down to pick up some news on the old idiot box and what I saw prompted me to vent my spleen. Britney Spears being besieged by photographers. Shame on them.

Can't they let the poor girl get over her problems in peace.
I cannot put on this blog what I really think of those blood suckers.
As a grandfather of a beautiful young girl myself, I feel for the family trying to care for their young child , because beneath it all , thats what she is , and they have to contend with these morons jumping all over them.
Come on guys give the kid a break.
And don't come up with the old story "it sells papers/magazines"
So What?

Thats it for today
till next time


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JewelandtheSun said...

My thoughts about the paparazzi are the same as yours, they need to leave people alone. Thanks for the interesting post.