Thanks to Machinery Man

Hello World,
Thanks "Machinery Man" you sure put a different slant on things with your
comment. I had not even considered that sales people might actually be frightened to
ask if they could help me.
(because I might know more about the product than they do).

Dosn't say much for the company that employs them does it?.
Maybe the sales people should realise that the old adage "learn something new every
day" is still as relevent today as it was when whoever first came up with the
saying said it first. PHEW. Even at about 70 years old I am still trying to learn
new things.
My project at the moment is building a web site, mainly to help people learn more about their
computers and the internet and enjoy themselves.
Anybody got any ideas.

If you have managed to read this far , thanks for your company,
and I would enjoy reading your comments.
Until the next time.


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